Friday, April 10, 2009

Amsterdam Layover

Did I really just leave yesterday?

We landed in Amsterdam local time was just after 10:00 AM. I left the airport and took the train into the city. Found my way to the central area and then took the tram to the museum. Walked around that part of the city. Found a Hard Rock - used its bathroom. Bought a stupid T-shirt because it is soooooooo hot and I didn't bring one in my back pack. Took the train back to the central part of the city.

I'm starting to find my way around. I've come across a lot of coffee shops. (They don't sell coffee there.) For coffee you have to go to the cafes. I haven't been able to get internet on my phone. Hope Egypt works better. The internet cafe is in the basement of a store. It's crazy. And the steps are about 8" high but only about 4" wide. I don't know how all the Europeans in their fancy shoes do it.

There are so many outdoor restaurants here - and they are all packed. The weather is incredible. And there are canals interspersed with the streets.
Everyone here rides bicycles. I took a picture of the "parking lot" for the train. It's full of bikes.

Though I'm managing just fine I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing. For example, I bought a round train ticket at a machine at the airport for the train. But nobody ever punched it and I didn't have to show it to anyone. Then I paid cash for the tram but thought it was one way. When I got on the next one to come back the guy said I was all set. So confusing! But oh well! Oh and a local guy told me not to cross any streets if the crosswalk says not to go. They ticket you on the spot for 60 Euros. I haven't seen a single person not wait for the crosswalk to turn green.

Ok. That's it for now. It is after 4PM here. I am completely exhausted! I slept maybe an hour on the plane. Making my way back to the airport. The plane boards 90 minutes before take off. Not sure what that's all about!

Next stop = Cairo!!

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