Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Managua to Matagalpa

I'm getting ready to depart with Andrea who of course is cute & tiny just like Sole! Last night we had a traditional Nicaraguan dinner. Which meant no menus. We walked up to a table with large clay pots and they served different meats and beans on a corn tortilla. Then it was presented on a banana leaf.

This morning we drove to Matagalpa it was about 2 1/2 hours including the extra time to turn around since the school was having a celebration in the middle of the pan-American highway. The roads are pretty good here though. No carsickness. Only the last 20 minutes or so were windy. And there are some roads that need repair (which the country is working on). There are significant potholes so you have to go very slowly and around the holes.

We went to a property in the mountains with incredible views. It is surrounded by coffee plants and also they are growing poinsettas for the holidays.

I learned how to make corn tortillas, but unfortunately mine did not pass inspection. It feel apart on the oven. We tried some fresh tortilla with cream.

Next we left to go to the hotel we are staying at. It is a eco-resort on 1500 acres. It is a fully sustainable and functioning farm. They recycle and use everything here (REALLY). I went on a tour that included the coffee bean production, gardens, workers camp, slaughterhouse....
Thinking the whole time how happy I was that I had cream of mushroom soup and salad for lunch.
*still hadn't recovered from the pig that was on my plate last night
The tour as given by the owner who was quite a character.

We are in a cloud forest and Moo I understand what you said about never having seen so much rain. I thought I saw a lot in Costa Rica but this is incredible!!! The rooms are similar to Tortuguero... or maybe more like Selva Verde in Saraipiqui. They are rustic and basic. It is so loud in the rooms when it rains you can't hear. And there are congo monkeys outside. I can only imagine I'll think of Kevin's story when they start at 4 AM. jajajaja

No service here, but there is this one computer in the lobby. We're off to inspect another hotel in the city and have dinner there. This one is more boutique/y than where we are staying. We also will see the cathedral / not sure how late they stay open though.

Tomorrow we are heading to Granada.... time to go.


katymoo said...

This sounds FANTASTIC!! But sorry about the pig. Thanks for blogging we are all really enjoying it

nerb said...

I love that you had to turn around because a school was having a celebration in the middle of the Pan-American Highway. Fab.