Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fiji is an Air Dry Country... With Vegimite

Today for breakfast I decided to try vegimite. I've been curious ever since I learned about it from the Men At Work song in the 80s. Even though I heard it was terrible I had to taste for myself. Yep. It's nasty stuff.

We swam in the pool for a couple of hours. It was early - 9-10 AM - but so hot. No need for towels here, you dry off in minutes of getting out! In fact it gets unbearable so and you have to jump back in.

Later we went to a christening at local church. The church had a school and a group of schoolchildren sat through the service singing at both the beginning and the end. It was really nice. After we went back to the babys grandmother's house which was walking distance. (Though it was a bit of a rough walk, especially with strollers - like 4 wheeling). They were preparing a traditional Fijian feast. There were musicians playing music, they served kava, and the food was cooking in the ground. They dug a hole and cooked a pig, fish, and veggies. Everything was wrapped in coconut. The day was VERY hot. We stayed as long as the boys could handle (and me too!) and then went back to the hotel.

Some things about the local people... The men wear skirts (called SULUS) but it is so hot it makes sense. I believe it is the safest and nicest country I have ever been to. The people here are just so nice, and they ALL love kids, especially babies. The resort is more family friendly than most anywhere I've stayed. The woman love children and Cole and Tommy are like rock stars. So far they don't mind all the local woman saying bula and pinching their cheeks.
I first went into the ocean this afternoon and Greg was right. It is almost TOO hot. It is almost the same as the air which trust me, is hot (and I am from Florida!) But the ocean is so clear, you can see your feet while you wade out.

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