Sunday, October 12, 2008

CATM Managua

Friday we left in the morning and drove to the Pacific coast. We saw a couple of properties, had lunch, and then drove back to Managua.
Checked into the conference and got to the hotel at 6:00 PM.
Then left at 6:30 PM for the opening presentation. There was a panel of speakers (yes, in Spanish) for the first hour. But then each of the 7 countries represented each had a traditional dance performance. It was excellent.

Saturday was a full day at the show and back to Granada for dinner.
I have met so many people and even found people here that we work with but I had never met so that was fun.

Today was sooooo hot. I'm looking forward to enjoying a little fall went I get home!! (And I'm also looking forward to an American meal. Sadly the food here is not my favorite)

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