Thursday, October 30, 2008

Plantation Island...Watch For Falling Coconuts

Malolo Lailai Island
Plantation Island Resort

So this morning I had a breakfaat of fruits, fish , black currant juice and champagne. It was wonderful! Then we packed up and checked out. We took the Bula Bus to the marina to catch our ferry. It was just under an hour to get here and along the way we passed Castaway Island (where they filmed the Tom Hanks movie). Sofitel was very nice but it felt like it could have been anywhere. Plantation Island is soooo Fiji!!! When our boat docked the entire staff was singing traditional music and greeted us with shell necklaces.

Watch for falling coconuts. Literally. They fall out of the trees onto the beach. One landed not too far away when we were sitting outside. It made a huge THUD when it landed. You really have to look up and see if you are in hitting distance.

FYI Just in case you didn't know... Fiji bottled water really IS from Fiji!

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