Sunday, October 26, 2008

City of Angels

We made it to LA!!

We left the house dark and early yesterday morning and got to the airport. We checked our luggage (you need a lot of stuff with twins!)
The first flight was the longest -5+ hours. The boys were mostly (well, kind of) good. One was sleeping or quiet all the time (meaning one was sad a lot of the time). At the end Tommy was ready to get off the plane but so were we!

The next flight was great. About an hour and a half. Oh and we were all seated in one row which helped. Our plan was for Kevin to change with someone but that person couldn't move because he had a dog. What are the chances?
So we got to the hotel and went to the pool, had lunch, then we all took a nap.

This morning we are meeting some twins from Kerrys message board for a playdate.
We are getting out late and heading to the airport tonight for our next flight.
When we get off the next plane we'll be in Fiji!!!

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