Monday, October 6, 2008

Day One

left Boston early and it was the easiest checkin ever. The flight was less than half full and yet I still managed to be between two rows of very sad little people. But they quieted down once we got in the air as I'm sure the boys will on our big trip!

A few hours in Newark and on the flight to costa rica.

I was hungry so went to the lounge quickly before they closed and had the most interesting vegetarian sandwich. Avocado, pickle, tomato, cabbage, & tomato. And there was one other person there- a nice old man who spoke about as much english as I do Spanish. It was painful and embarrassing trying to talk but I think we managed the basics. I'm going to try and post this and a picture.

Meeting Chelo and Adri at 7 for breakfast then all the guides. Already got an earful from danny on the way here so it should be interesting...