Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween in Fiji

It's Friday. Today I went snorkeling right outside our room. There were a ton of small silver fish near the beach but when we go out not too much. I did see a couple of medium sized fish, plus crabs and a lot of coral. Plus the most amazing thing - bright blue starfish!!

Later it was time for Trick 'n Treating. They don't celebrate in Fiji but for the wedding all the bures (beach huts on the water where we were staying) gave out candy and all the kids went door to door. Kerry & Kevin had a cocktail Halloween party with the wedding party. I'm sitting outside our room just listening. The boys are sound asleep inside and the waves are crashing right in front of me. I can faintly hear the band from the pre wedding cocktail party just down the beach. There is a frog (toad???) looking at me and it is the biggest one I have ever seen. (about the size of my foot!). And our house gecko is making his presence known as well. This is such a tropical paradise. I can't believe there is still another week left!!!

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nerb said...

Oh Beth... I'm insanely jealous. ENJOY being in an amazing place - and not for work!!