Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Welcome To Fiji Islands

The boys were absolutely perfect on the flight. I think we were all afraid to say anything because we didn't want to jinx it but they made it through better than we even hoped. And they slept most of the way so they were ready to start their day in Fiji when we landed at 5AM. When the plane landed the turned all the lights off and local island music was playing. Walking outside was like going into a sauna! Baggage claim and customs seemed to take forever but then it was the biggest plane i have ever been on. We were actually on the second floor. They call it the bubble. When we exited customs, we were greeted and given shell necklaces (like leis in Hawaii). We took a shuttle to Denarau Marina to the hotel. Our room not ready since it was 7AM. We got another room meanwhile to change and went to the pool. Kids adjusted perfectly to Fiji time with no jet lag. Meanwhile Kerry & I was exhausted!! We went to see the show at the hotel of traditional Fijian dancers. It was so good. We stayed for as long as the boys could handle-- they are such troopers! We went to dinner at the hotel restaurant called Salt. Kerry ordered the most amazing tandoori fish dinner. Caroline had it and recommended it. The fish was walu and it was so good I ate half and the next night we went back and each had one. We went to bed at about 9:30PM (which was 5:30AM that morning in Boston!) wondering how it was still the first day in Fiji.

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