Friday, August 6, 2010

Aran Islands

The best day in Ireland was the day we visited Inis Mor, Aran Islands. We took a bus (30 minutes from Galway) to the ferry (45 minute ride, a bit choppy!) to the island. It is a Gaelic speaking island and we rented bikes for the day to explore. We went to Dun Eochla... a ring fort located at the highest point on the island. This was built sometime between 550 and 800 A.D. This was a very long and steep road to climb - we quickly abandoned our bikes at the base and went on foot. (One nice bonus is the island is so safe they laughed at us when we asked about locks!) The views from the top were amazing.

Next we visitied Dun Aonghasa - a 2500 year old circular fort standing on 300 foot cliffs. There are no guard rails and you can lay down and look over the edge. Of course I tried it and yes, it was terrifying!

After we rode our bikes along the coast just in time to meet the ferry. I found out after this trip that my grandfather's family was actually from the Aran Islands - which made me really happy since I very much loved it here.

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