Monday, August 23, 2010

Finally arrived into Panama City!! I feel like this trip took longer than the trip to Fiji. Well... Almost anyway. After two attempts flights out of Boston yesterday and over six hours at the gate they ultimately rescheduled me for today. Good experience for dealing with stranded guests anyway. And though the flights were on time and basically seemless I am so happy to be at my destination! It occured to me in the flight that my last trip to Panama was five years ago this month. (and we had some major delays then too come to think of it...) I loved Panama then and am sure I will again now. And tonight I'm staying at the Playa Bonita Hotel... Which is really nice. I am in a suite which frankly is larger than my condo. The only problem is that I arrived after dark and cant see the beautiful beach I know is right outside my window. Cannot wait for sunrise! Tomorrow we leave the hotel in the morning and start the trip south along the Pacific Coast. I'm super excited about our new itinerary and can't wait to tell people about it!

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